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XCMG E-Commerce Inc.


XCMG E-Commerce Inc. Profile

Company Details
Main Market Southeast Asia, Africa
Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company
Brands XCMG
No. of Employees >Above 1000
Year Established 2017
Export p.c 90% - 100%
Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company

Founded in 1943, XCMG is a multinational corporation with the most comprehensive range of competitive, influential products in the construction machinery industry. Our business covers eight key areas: construction machinery, heavy trucks, mining machinery, sanitation machinery, machinery components, construction, finance, and the ICT industry.
Guided by our strategy of development through technology and innovation, we seek to provide top-quality products and services for clients around the globe. XCMG have established a global R&D system with a total of six centers across China, the US, Germany, Brazil and India, with China national technology center at its core. In addition to a number of manufacturing bases across China, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Brazil, India, and Uzbekistan, we also have three equipment brands (XCMG, Schwing, and CHIMACH), and several component brands including FT, AMCA, and Hirschmann. It is the strength of this global R&D system and manufacturing operations that has made XCMG the industry-leading global construction equipment manufacturer that it is today.
In addition to the global reach of our manufacturing bases, we are also rapidly expanding our overseas marketing operations, and the provision of our services and component sales systems. This allows us to offer packaged machinery solutions and all-in-one services for engineering construction projects and infrastructure development around the globe. For more than 30 years, XCMG has been sowing the seeds of overseas development as the No. 1 exporter in China's construction machinery industry. Today, we have over 40 branches and offices, 300 distributors, 500 contractors, and we sell products in 182 countries and regions worldwide.
Adhering to our core values of "Taking Great Responsibility, Acting with Great Morals, and Making Great Achievement", XCMG is a socially responsible organization that is actively involved in numerous charitable causes around the globe. We have previously been awarded the "China Charity Award" and the "National Heroic Group for Disaster-Relief". We have adopted the motto "XCMG, to make the world a better place", and have received growing recognition from across society for our charitable endeavors such as the "Blue Dream" fund, the "XCMG Global Scholarship" program, and our "Global Excellent Machine Operator" training program.
Our mission is to continue discovering new engineering technologies and provide global solution for construction and sustainable development. We are confident that we will continue to grow as a globally trusted, world-class company that offers unique values and creativity.

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